Model Behaviour

Model Behaviour

Model Behaviour

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

The whole family is gathered for Granny’s 70th Birthday.  I have been dreading this for MONTHS.  A four course sit down lunch in a smart hotel, with twenty adults, oh and 2 small children. Ideal.

We arrive early, armed with colouring pads and crayons.  The children look like something out of an advert.  Pristine dress, ironed shorts, clean faces.  I’m afraid I am not going to admit how many bribes were made just to get the kids this far, but someone may have mentioned a theme park in a far off country.  (Surely they won’t remember?)


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And you know, it went quite well.  Amazingly well actually.  Evie and Tom behaved almost like VICTORIAN children - beautiful table manners, polite conversation and not TOO much fidgeting.  Dave and I were just mouthing “HOW?!” over the table to each other, when Granny got up to make a speech.  It was then that I realised where Tom had put the beetroot I thought he’d eaten.

- Sunday 25th May 2014

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