Mr Haddock

Mr Haddock

Mr Haddock

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

I am still struggling to get Evie to eat fish. I have pleaded, disguised it with cheese (and crisps - I’m desperate here) and even told her that she will DEFINITELY be able to remember all her times tables after one tiny bite. But she won’t budge. I mean, fish fingers are a core staple of a Mum’s (limited) meal repertoire, right? What am I doing wrong?


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Then I had a flashback. When I was five years old a boy in my class Luke Appleby, was allowed to invite one friend to go to a restaurant for his birthday. He chose me. I remember being so thrilled until we pulled up at a place called MR HADDOCK’S. I spent the whole meal nibbling at tiny pieces of fish and trying not to gag. I, too, HATED fish when I was younger. Now feel very guilty for trying to force Evie to eat it and relieved also because I’m sure, like me, she will grow out of it. I adore fish now - even Dave’s “Haddock a l’Orange” - although it does help if you love him...

- Wednesday 15th January 2014

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