My Christmas checklist:

My Christmas checklist:

My Christmas checklist:

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

  • Do last-minute supermarket shop (I love a bargain, so leave it as late as possible to nab the discounts). I tried to book a delivery, but the computer practically laughed in my face. Apparently the next available slot is some time mid-2014.
  • Dave’s Dad’s so difficult to shop for. He likes books and clocks. For the past 10 years he’s had a book on clocks. This year I’m going to buck the trend and buy him a clock-shaped book. But where?
  • Buy new pyjamas for the kids (my mum says it was family tradition that I always had new pyjamas on Christmas Eve. Why? NO IDEA. But now I know this, I feel obliged to honour it.)
  • Cook mince pies, gravy, stuffing, etc. Previous years’ disasters have taught me that it’s best to make whatever you can in advance. That way you’re not left trying to work out the maths of how to cook 25 things in one small oven.
  • That’s it! Merry Christmas, folks.

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Ps. Like weddings, it’s an awful lot of kerfuffle for what’s basically dinner and a few pressies. You gotta love it though.

- Thursday 19th December 2013

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