My Clever Friend

My Clever Friend

My Clever Friend

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

My oldest mate Sarah is remarkable. Firstly she’s the smartest, most canny person I’ve ever met. Secondly, she’s a leapling. That’s to say, her birthday’s on the 29th February, which means she’s actually only 10 years old, as she loudly insists every year. (Also, she looks very young for 32 which is somehow, well, annoying.)

The leapling thing can backfire, mind, because we always forget to remember her birthday. But foreseeing this, once every four years Sarah puts on a party like no other. Mainly for the presents and trading off everyone’s guilt. Smart. This year though there is no party and I’m gutted. It’s always been a brilliant evening.


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No, this year for her birthday she’s asked her husband Steve to take over all the chores for a week: housekeeping, getting the kids ready for school, sorting the laundry and cleaning the oven, for ONE WHOLE WEEK! And the master stroke? Breakfast in bed every day.

Steve has already called twice asking how the washing machine works. I didn’t know so I called Sarah. Her phone was off. Canny, like I said.

- Thursday 28th February 2013

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