My New Year's resolutions

My New Year's resolutions

My New Year's resolutions

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

What with moving house and Dave starting the business and all, we don't have much spare cash floating about. So I've been forced to become a woman who gets her kicks outside of a shopping mall.

It's not too bad really. There's a lot to be said for the pleasure of cake. Ditto a good box set. And many of the things that cheer me up – like reading a trashy magazine in the bath, or getting into a bed with clean sheets – aren't costly.

This year it's about maximising those cheap thrills. So I'm going to be the person who keeps a clean cutlery drawer, and organises her cupboards so that the entire contents don't fall on her head when she opens them. I read somewhere that the key to happiness is fixing life's small irritations – the door that won't shut properly, the filthy oven.


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Which is a long way of saying:

  1. Sort out niggling jobs.
  2. Exercise.
    The downside of all that cake.
  3. Stop thinking bad thoughts about the M.I.L.
  4. After all, where would I be without her constant interfering well-meant concern?
  5. Enjoy time at the playground with the kids, rather than using it to surreptitiously check Facebook on my phone.

That's enough, isn't it?

- Tuesday 1st January 2013

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