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Do you ever wonder if it’s okay not to always have the answer to everything? Well, you’re certainly not alone there but sharing stories about your own mishaps and problems with people in a similar situation is always a good way to get some practical advice and helps answer the questions you perhaps didn’t want to ask.

This is never truer than when it comes to the challenges of being a parent. So make time to chat with other parents and you’re likely to find you can help each other. And you never know, by sharing anecdotes you might just learn something you didn’t know or impart some great tips you’ve picked up yourself along the way.


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If you’d like to find out what other parents think, we have a series of short videos from real mums across the UK talking about their everyday lives as parents. Take a minute to see what they have to say and don’t forget to share your own stories with us and the Homesavvy community below!

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Naffy, It would maybe help if you could possibly have someone else with you when you shop and whenever your little girl throws a tantrum they immediately pick her up take her back to the car or outside the shop and I think you will discover that her tantrums will soon stop when she discovers she is not going to be part of the shopping outing,Hope this helps.

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Tantrums in the supermarket are the worst!! I can normally distract my eldest (4) by showing her something else however if it's at the checkout there really is nothing I can do but let her scream away! I think I get very odd looks and maybe a few head shakes from others but there's not much I can do about it!! If you know if anything please share!

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