Playroom ideas for your home

Use spaces big and small in clever ways and make a dedicated area where kids can play; fun for kids and even the grown-ups.

Creating the space where kids play

  • When kids are young, a dining room often gets used as a toy dump anyway. Turn this into a proper kids playroom and reclaim it for ‘dinner parties’ when the children are older.
  • If your children have their own bedrooms, use one as a play room and put bunkbeds in the other – until their early teen years, most kids find this option far more fun.
  • Or grab a corner of the kitchen or lounge for a play area. Use furniture to mark off this area so it doesn’t invade the rest of your space.

Playroom decorating ideas

  • If you have boys and girls, choose lime greens and yellows rather than anything too gender specific. This will still work well as they get older, too.
  • Keep your options open by going with more general themes of ‘magic’ and ‘adventure’ rather than committing to specific favourite film or TV characters. For example, use twinkly lights and fairy dreamcatchers for a girly retreat, or seaside and sailing themes for a daring hideaway. Perfect for kids activities.
  • By day, out come the cushions and toys covered in Disney princesses and TV action heroes.
  • By night, put away kids’ toys and you still have a fun space for teenagers and grown-ups that doesn’t look like a nursery.

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Playroom storage and extra surfaces

  • Choose playroom storage solutions with wide flat tops that can double up as tables for drawing, games, trainsets and dolls houses.
  • Get furniture on wheels that can be easily moved around.
  • Look for children’s toy boxes with large colourful tubs for drawers. These slide easily in and out, so you can fill each one with a different kind of toy (cars, dolls, Lego etc), then you only have to pull out what’s needed for any given play session.
  • Paint one wall in blackboard paint to create an instant drawing board.

Savvy tip
If want to put a TV in this space (for toddler downtime, for teenagers gaming, for dad chilling out), opt for a safe and secure wall-mounted TV so grown-ups stay in control of when it’s on and when it’s not!

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