Preparing for the school year

Preparing for the school year

Quick tips on getting you and your children ready for the September term

Leaving all your tasks until the last minute can be stressful. Plan ahead now and get you and your children into gear for the new school year without ruining your summer holidays.

Get yourself ready

  • Check uniform a few weeks in advance. Even if your child is not starting at a new school, does everything still fit or need replacing?
  • Before term starts, find out what after-school clubs your children are interested in. Do they fancy a change or do you need to renew subscriptions to clubs they like?
  • Organise your parent squad. Often jobs and other changing commitments mean the school run can be a real juggle. Before term starts, sound out fellow parents to see if you can map out a new weekly rota for drop-off and pick-up.

Get your child ready


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  • Encourage a couple of trips to the library where there are often summer events with fun reading activities. A good way to keep brains ‘topped up’!
  • Look at your child’s end of year report. Were there particular subjects he or she needs to work harder on? If so, consider casual ways to keep these subjects fresh – through a trip to a science museum, or playing the great maths games websites available free online, for example.
  • If your child is changing school or class, find someone who knows another child in the same situation and have a couple of summer playdates so both children know a familiar face on the first day of school.

Savvy tip
August can be an expensive month, but try not to wait until the next pay day to stock up on new socks, trousers, black shoes etc as school-kit sells out quickly in the last week before the new term. Try to spread out the cost by topping up on uniform bit by bit through the summer.

Pass it on – avoid homework headaches
Start the new year with the best intentions! Check out our savvy ideas to Make homework less painful.

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September? UK schools start going back next week, 16th/17th August & not just in Scotland either!

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