Proud to be an Underachiever

Proud to be an Underachiever

Proud to be an Underachiever

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Result! Evie and I can behave ourselves. Proof being New Best Friend (NBF) Helen has asked us around for another playdate. (She’s the one with four kids and a house so immaculate it puts show homes to shame.)

This time I stayed for coffee and a slice of chiffon layer cake she’d made herself. Which would be fine, except it turns out she’s a ‘mumpreneur’. You know, Mums who, between breastfeeds, set up multinational corporations in their kitchens. In her case, she’s got a website that sells personalised homeware. ‘It’s doing quite well,’ she said, and I knew she was being modest because I’ve seen her car. It’s like a tank with leather trim.


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I had to ask, “But when exactly do you find time to do all that?” Only it came out as more of a plaintive wail. “Oh, you know,” she said breezily, “After the kids have gone to bed. And I get up before they do.”

Hmm. After my kids have gone to bed, all I’m fit for is lying prone on the sofa. And as for getting up before them – well, frankly they keep hours a milkman would balk at.

- Wednesday 20th February 2013

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