Saint’s Day

Saint’s Day

Saint’s Day

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Happy St George’s day to you! I was in the car, trying to explain to Evie the concept of patron saints. I admit I was making a bit of a hash of it, muddling up dragons and leeks etc.  To try and make it a little bit clearer, we tried to work out what each of us would be the patron saint of.

“So, Dad could be the Patron Saint of Woodwork”. I suggested.

Evie suddenly cottoned on. “OOO I know, Granny is the saint of Hankies, Tom is the saint of Dinosaurs and I am the Painted Saint of Ballet!!”

“What about ME?”  I said


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A long, LONG silence followed.

Finally, Tom’s voice piped up from the back of the car, “You are the Sainted Saint of FUN!”

Happy, happy, happy. 

- Wednesday 23rd April 2014

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