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Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Evie and I went on a Mother and Daughter trip to the hairdresser on Saturday. I was seated round the corner from her and couldn't help overhearing the following conversation:

Debbie (stylist):  So, what have you been up to?
Evie: Growing...
D:  Yes, your hair is very long now
E:  NO, my Body - I am going to be six TOMORROW (?)
D:  Wow, are you having a party?
E:  Oh yes, sixty people are coming
D:  Gosh that’s a lot!
E:  Yes. I know a lot of people coz I am always busy.  You can come too if you want.
D:  Er, thanks...
E:  But you have to come with a glittery tail coz it’s a Mermaid party. Well, boys can come as squids if they want, but you’re not a boy
D:  No...
E:  And the party is going to be in my OWN swimming pool with a rainbow slide and a fountain and... pink FLAMINGOS


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Wow.  There’s going to be one disappointed birthday girl in June...

- Monday 14th April 2014

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