Savvy school run

Savvy school run

How to save time and make the most of a stress-free drop-off and pick-up

School drop-off

  1. Pack school bags the night before and make sure any school trip forms, lunch money etc has been sealed in an envelope and placed somewhere obvious by the front door.
  2. Plan clothes too, especially if your children don’t wear school uniform. If you have a fussy dresser, turn this into a game as part of the bedtime stories ritual, checking out the weather forecast and laying out tomorrow’s clothes.
  3. With packed lunches, stick to a rota of favourites to remove any dithering hold-ups. (Check out our Savvy packed lunch makeovers for inspiration.)
  4. Even on foot, choose a route that takes you away from main roads as much as possible. Backstreets are quieter and you will often find this is a good time for your child to open up and chat about school.

Travelling by car

  1. Have two savvy routes so you have options in traffic.
  2. Don’t inflict your news radio choice on the children – they are being taken to school, after all, so they need a break!
  3. Find out who else drops by car and establish a rota – again make it one you can all stick to so there’s no confusion.

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School pick-up

  1. Work backwards from pick-up time to ensure your other chores don’t run late. (Eg, choose a groceries shopping route that ends up at the school rather than the other end of town.)
  2. Put lots of classmates’ parents’ numbers in your phone. There might well be a time when you need a pick-up favour at the last minute.
  3. Always have a spare bag with you so you can collect up books, art work, coats etc and they don’t get lost in a trail on the way home.

Savvy tip
At the beginning of each week, think about what issues might cause a drop-off or pick-up problem. Eg PE kit issues, taking the car for an MOT, hot or cold weather making the extra prep time necessary for suncream or gloves !

Pass it on – get your teens out of bed!

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