School Reunion

School Reunion

School Reunion

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

You’ll never guess what arrived in the post today - an invitation to a School Reunion. It has sent me into a complete panic.  Naturally it has come at a time when I feel REALLY glamourous.  I had hoped that if this ever happened it would be at a time when I was at least two stone lighter and NOT hormonal and rapidly gaining weight.  Typical.


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I wonder WHO is going to be there? Will the cool scary gang show up and will they still be cool and scary?  Is twenty years long enough to have forgotten The Knicker Incident? And why is this being organised by the girl who never spoke in class - she’s changed!  So many questions whirling round in my head.  Mostly, should I go?

- Thursday 29th May 2014

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