Seaside fun

Seaside fun

Forget sandcastles and swimming – here are six of the best inventive ways to spend a day at the beach.

We’ve teamed up with the RNLI to pick great games you can play at the beach. Some of them (like the Flags Game, below) are actually used during real RNLI training! So why not try these ideas and keep the fun going by letting your kids join the Storm Force club? Perfect for children aged 5 to 11, this RNLI club costs just £7.50 (€10.50) for an annual subscription. Read on to find out more...

1. Flags game
Make ‘flags’ out of sticks (blunt!) with something tied to the top, or use proper sandcastle flags, poked into the sand. Lie on the sand, face down and heads away from the flags. At a given signal, leap up and run to grab a flag. Make sure there are always one or two fewer flags than people playing, so the slowest are eliminated, just like musical chairs.

2. Alphabet treasure
Try finding something on the beach beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Or collect things in particular colours to build a rainbow pattern on the sand. Leave any natural finds on the beach at the end of the day but do clear your litter!

3. Beach Olympics
Wet sand makes a great Olympic arena! Draw some lines in the sand to mark out your own tracks, courts and pitches. As well as all the athletic events – running, jumping, throwing – invent some variations of your own.


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4. Human obstacle course
Each person becomes an obstacle for the rest of the family to climb over or jump across. When you’ve completed your go, form a new obstacle, and the line continues.

5. Blanket volleyball
You’ll need a beach ball or football and picnic rug for this one. Everyone holds the edges of the blanket with the ball in the middle. You have to work together to move the ball – see how high or how far you can throw it only using the blanket.

6. Storm Force club
Storm Force is the RNLI’s club for kids. A £7.50 (€10.50) subscription gets each child a goodie bag, quarterly magazine with exciting rescue stories, and the chance to visit a real, working RNLI lifeboat station. Find out more here.

For more ideas, check our 5 great children’s games at the beach. And to make sure you enjoy a safe day at the beach, find out more at the RNLI website.

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