Shaping Up

Shaping Up

Shaping Up

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

I decided I was going to get rid of my mummy tummy by Christmas. But what is it about stomach crunches? Even though they take 5 minutes and you can do them in your bedroom, I still never bother.

So I went through the other options and realised they were no good either:

Done Olympics-style, swimming is amazing exercise.  But done how I do it? Like an old lady who doesn’t want to get her hair wet? Not so much.

I like the idea of yoga – being one of those bendy, show-off mums with a mat in one hand and a green juice in the other. But the reality? Doing a downward dog with someone’s stinky feet in my face? No ta.


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A good one for busy mums, because it’s free and you can do it whenever you like. But why did they have to make it so hard?? I’ve collapsed with a stitch before I’ve left our close.

Manages to sound glamorous in a way that Bums’n’Tums doesn’t, so can cost twice as much.

The only answer is to throw away the diet books and embrace my tummy as a reminder of the beautiful children it’s produced. And there’s always magic knickers.

- Thursday 14th November 2013

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