Swedish Aspirations

Swedish Aspirations

Swedish Aspirations

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

I have found the woman I want to be. She's called Erica, she's Swedish and she's a Christmas domestic goddess who makes all her own decorations, cooks all the food, including a gingerbread house (HOUSE!) for her family of 7 (!!), yet still looks like she's sashayed off a Milan catwalk.

Inspired by Erica I followed her decoration instructions in the magazine TO THE LETTER. Evie and I set to work: first up, snow flakes and angels made out of salt dough. Mine were passable, Evie went off message, "What are those darling?" "A red dinosaur, a wizard and a pirate etc." The Father Christmas made out of a loo roll and cotton wool came off worse, looking like the broken exhaust on my old Fiat Panda. We had more success stuffing cloves into oranges and putting them on the radiator, as Erica says "so Christmas can appeal to all the senses". Little does Erica know that the previous owner of our new flat obviously used the telly room as a cat rescue. The orange / clove idea is part decoration part relief for the bottle of Febreze that's been working overtime.


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So to conclude, one hour's worth of austerity Christmas decoration workshop took two hours to clean up. And with three days to Christmas, and half our house still in boxes, why have I just spent an hour constructing a gingerbread house**? I bet this never happens to Erica.

** Technically more of a gingerbread bungalow (a gingalow?) since the supporting wall gave way.

- Saturday 22nd December 2012

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