Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Ah, the joys of teaching your parents how to use new gadgets.  Our parents fall into two distinct categories.  My Dad behaves as though he actually INVENTED the internet.  He never leaves the house without a bag containing about a hundred wires and always ‘plugs in’ as soon as he arrives anywhere.  Anyone would think he was running some global organisation rather than the local Twinning Association.  AND he never takes his bluetooth earpiece off.  Ever.

My Mother in Law, however, has a horror of all things digital - she sort of stabs at the keyboard whilst making little shuddery sounds.  I was trying to show her how to use the tablet she was given for her 70th the other day, when she actually LICKED her finger as she was swiping the screen.  


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I give up.

- Monday 2nd June 2014

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