The Fun Family Road Trip

Endless moans of ‘are we there yet?, little feet kicking your back and blown-out tyres needn’t be the only way when it comes to family road trips. With a little preparation your long-distance drive you might make it into a fun activity!

Firstly, make sure your car is ready for the journey inside and out. Check oil and water levels, tyre pressure and wear, and make sure your lights and signals are operating properly. Give your car’s interior a thorough clean and wash the windows till they’re gleaming. Pop a quality air freshener in your car to a keep the air clean/ fresh all the way to your destination. ‘

Next, it’s time to think of the children. Keeping the kids occupied on long journeys should be easier than ever with the proliferation of portable DVD players, laptops and games. But if the batteries are dead and that favourite movie has been left at home, trouble can arise. The trick here is to get organised. Charge up your electronics, ask the kids which toys, games, movies and books they want to take and help them to set up a comfy camp on the backseat. Throw in blankets, cushions, snacks and drinks and you’re already on track to a more enjoyable journey. You can always resort to an old-fashioned but fun game of I Spy to keep the kids happy.


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Another way to minimize stress on long car journeys is to decide on your route before you set off. The sat-nav is a great tool but there’s no substitute for the sense of control derived from knowing exactly where you’re heading. Researching the route also lets you plan interesting places to visit en-route. Punctuating the trip with fun breaks in new places makes time pass more quickly and with fewer quarrels.

Put all these ideas into action and your family will arrive fresh, chilled out and ready to enjoy their holiday.

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