The most depressing day

The most depressing day

The most depressing day

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

My mother in law (always a ray of sunshine) said that today is officially the most depressing day of the year. As it happens I’ve been saving one of those really nice jobs for a time such as this: making a collage of all Evie and Tom’s paintings for their bedroom wall. 

New Best Friend Helen (her of the inexplicably, super clean house) popped round for coffee this morning. She’s great but come these dark days of January, there are four words guaranteed to strike pure 24-carat jealousy into my wizened little heart. And they are, “We’re going on holiday!”

“Oh” I say nonchalantly, “where to?”
“Cyprus,” she says a little shyly.


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As soon as she’s gone I Google the average temperature for Cyprus in Feb. 23 degrees. Oh, how I dream about going away. I love it all, from the early wake-ups to get to the airport to wandering duty-free, perusing the teddy bears and unfeasibly massive bars of chocolate. I wish we were off somewhere sunny. What I’d give to be sprawled on a lounger overlooking turquoise seas, feeling the powdery white sand between my toes. How I love those days where you’ve nothing more important to think about than where to eat that evening.


Right, back to that collage. (Actually this doesn’t feel like a chore at all!)

- Tuesday 29th January 2013

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