Thinking out of the Box

Thinking out of the Box

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Does anybody else suffer from BDB (that’s Boxing Day Blues)? That feeling that it’s all over now and there’s nothing to look forward to except two months of long nights and getting snowed in? Well, I’ve got a remedy for it.

I know that the Boxing Day law of 1837 dictates that you have to spend the day either:

a) Eating leftovers

b) Going for a walk

c) Buying discount furniture, or


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d) Watching epic amounts of telly

But what if – whisper it – you were to do something different this year? Like what?

OK, like...

  • Throw a Boxing Day party. You’re guaranteed a great turnout because everyone else will be looking for something to do, too.
  • Head for the countryside, where all manner of unusual stuff occurs. Seriously – there’s a village in the Cotswolds where they have an annual rubber-duck race. And in Pagham, in West Sussex, there’s a 3-mile pram race. Frankly, with my experience, I’m a shoe-in for both.
  • You can go and watch some live sport, like football or horse racing.

Or better still, send the family to do the above, while you take a long bath full of fancy oils and read a magazine...

- Thursday 26th December 2013

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