Toddlers and Destruction

Toddlers and Destruction

Toddlers and Destruction

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Believe it or not, in my previous life I was quite the adventuress. I’ve bungee jumped, run a 10k for charity and aged nine won a prize for ‘Fastest Girl On Skates’ at a roller disco. Yeah, you’re impressed I can tell. But I’ve discovered something way more terrifying than jumping off a 200 foot platform with just a piece of elastic tied to my feet: Toddler group.

It’s a shame – you’d think toddler groups would be the perfect respite for the tired, stuck-at-home mother. But in fact they’re weirdly nerve-wracking. Even the roller disco 23 years ago was less cliquey. And I’m not sure I can face standing alone in a corner, wearing a desperate, please-talk-to-me smile while everyone else chats merrily.


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But toddler groups do have one massive advantage. The paint, the glue, the spilt drinks, the tears, the salt dough, all happens in a church hall. Hoorah! You leave the house clean and tidy, and three hours later it’s still clean and tidy right? Wrong. Puppy had destroyed my favourite shoes. And some of Evie and Tom’s toy cupboard. And a few records from Dave’s prized vinyl collection. It’s like the puppy actually knows what we like most. Grrrr.

- Friday 8th February 2013

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