Tom’s First Story

Tom’s First Story

Tom’s First Story

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Tom has just started making up his own stories, populated with animals and dinosaurs that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Some words aren’t even really words, just invented noises. I recorded him telling a story in the bath last night and have transcribed it.

“Once upon a time the ducks wanted to go to school and they wanted to go to school with their big sisters, because they were big sisters, one day, and the girl, the little girl wanted to do something with her Mummy and, and, an, the big sister ducks went all the way and they wanted to do it all by them self, and they wanted to do it from that big place and they, and they were lost and they wanted to go again. So they went home. The End.”


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- Thursday 26th September 2013

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