Totally Conkers

Totally Conkers

Totally Conkers

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

I’ve introduced the kids to the joys of conkers. Making the holes, threading the string, secretly varnishing them… It took me right back, I tell you. I remember beating Johnny Hughes’s 104er with my 12er and I don’t think I’ve had a prouder moment since.

Conkers are great. I mean, how many toys literally grow on trees? Plus the kids have to actively go out and look for them, and anything that involves long searches in the garden is all right by me. Yesterday I got a full 7 minutes to drink tea and browse the interweb.


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Although, now I think about it, I wonder what Johnny Hughes is up to these days. I wonder if he’s still got the biggest conker collection in the street?

NB Conkering must always be done with adult supervision (no previous conker experience needed.)

- Monday 21st October 2013

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