Tricks and Treats

Tricks and Treats

Tricks and Treats

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

I’ve learned a few things about Halloween these past five years. So if you’re planning on celebrating, here are a few dos and dont's:


Buy massive, gargantuan, insane amounts of sweets – way more than you think you could ever need. No child likes being fobbed off with a satsuma – or, even worse, raisins – no matter how polite they are about it. And if you end up with too many mini choc-bars, then ACE – you’ll be eating them all through November.

Got any friendly Americans in the neighbourhood? Head straight over to their house. Americans know how to do Halloween properly – they did invent it, after all.

Win brownie points in your ‘hood by throwing a party for the kids after school. Then you can all go trick-or-treating together. Fill the kids with food – then hopefully, when it comes to the sweets, they won’t eat quite so many (this is v.v. optimistic, mind – you might want to keep your expectations low.)


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Ring doorbells who don’t have pumpkins or other Halloween decorations outside. Not everyone celebrates it.

Make life difficult for yourself. Keep kids’ costumes simple – cat, witch, ghost. Anything else is just showing off, frankly.

Do what I did and go to the bank, forgetting you’re wearing zombie face paint. I got some pretty odd looks, I can tell you.  

- Thursday 31st October 2013

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