Trip to the Museum

Trip to the Museum

Trip to the Museum

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

The Easter holidays are upon us and we set off for a family trip to the dinosaur museum.  After so many hours playing with his plastic dinosaurs, Tom is seriously over excited.  In fact it was a miracle he slept at all last night.  He was up at the crack of dawn, fully dressed and has not stopped pestering us with questions ever since - “Will there be an Archaeoptryx?  Will there be a Gallimimus?  How about a Cryptoclidus?”  Honestly I never knew there were so many different types of dinosaurs - can’t be entirely sure that he’s not making some of these up.  Dave reckons that we could earn a few extra quid by hiring him out as the museum guide…


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A few hours later… Tom is curled up, fast asleep clutching his new Pterosaur.  Watching him come face to face with a real dinosaur skeleton and finally understanding just how big they really were was the highlight of the whole trip.  He was completely struck dumb for at least twenty minutes.  Bless.

- Thursday 10th April 2014

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