Washing my Dirty Laundry in Public

Washing my Dirty Laundry in Public

Washing my Dirty Laundry in Public

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

I thought that after Cashmere-gate (although NOT my fault btw) I’d had it with laundry blunders. I’d promised myself I was never going to do it again, that my days of shrunken socks and bobbly t-shirts were over. I’d even looked at the advice section of the Ariel website, which offers all manner of tips on stain removal and how to keep your whites brilliant white.

Well, clearly none of it went in, because I’m looking at Evie’s ballet kit as I write and it’s brilliant blue. The culprit? One of Dave’s football socks, which foxed me by tucking itself into a pillowcase.


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Luckily Evie isn’t yet of an age that she cares what colour her kit is. She’d go to ballet dressed in her pants and a cape if I’d let her. But lessons have been learnt. I’ve promised myself that, as of today, I will always do the following:

  • Spend more than five seconds sorting the laundry.
  • Actually read the care labels, even on clothes that aren’t mine.
  • Make the effort to have soft, nice-smelling clothes, like my friend Helen’s (apparently the secret is fabric conditioner).
  • Here endeth the lesson.

- Thursday 18th April 2013

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