What could go wrong?

What could go wrong?

What could go wrong?

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

OK, so Valentine’s Day wasn’t quite the romance-fest I was hoping for. I’d done it all, the whole 1950s perfect-housewife thing. The house was spotless; dinner was ready. I’d laundered everything from sheets to clothes. I’d even dug out the napkins. And WASHED and IRONED them. (NB ironing a napkin is such a short, pleasing job. You really feel like you’re making headway.)

As Dave came through the door I greeted him with a glass of fizz. We sat across the table and stared adoringly at each other through the candle light. For 7 minutes. At which point Evie woke up and repainted her bedroom with a vomiting bug. Is it terrible that, for a split second, my first thought was not for her health but the sheets I’d just cleaned?

Cue frantic dashing around from Dave and I.

Him: There aren’t any clean sheets!


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Midway through the horror the MIL turned up to drop off a hand blender that apparently I’d asked her for. She saw me sitting up with two sick children and, naturally, went into a panic. When I told her I thought it was a winter bug, she gave my kitchen work surfaces a sharp look and said, ‘Or food poisoning’.

Another perfect St Valentines. Cheers.

- Wednesday 15th February 2013

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