What I learned about going to a Spa

What I learned about going to a Spa

Every mum deserves a break: here’s what our resident blogger Millie, Badly Drawn Mum, learned when she took some time out at a health club

Shiatsu is not a type of dog.
Plastic pants are not that bad although I did stick my toes through the first 2 pairs.
Still got ugly feet however much pedicuring they endure.
I never felt as woozy as I have after a massage.
Amazing sleep. 
A naked woman chatted to me in the changing rooms. It was awkward.
My sister is in great shape. As is my Mum, come to think of it. 
Must eat less chocolate.
A personal trainer called Marc (with a ‘c’!) said we should drink water with every meal. Boo.
If I do the above, must install 4 more loos in the house.
And one in the car.

Dave had done an amazing job of holding the fort. The house was tidy. The kids were happy, clean, fed and watered.

Dave was tired. And I mean REALLY tired. Like he’s run a marathon while doing yoga. 


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Seeing the kids run down the platform shouting “Mummy!” grinning from ear to ear, was perhaps the single, most lovely moment of this year.

- Wednesday 28th August 2013

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