Millie's Blog December - You know you’re a mummy when you...

You know you’re a mummy when you...

You know you’re a mummy when you...

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

1. Reach into your handbag for your purse and pull out a nappy.

2. Find yourself eyeing up other women’s buggies, and know by heart the pros and cons of each model.

3. Are up at 6am even though it’s the weekend.

4. Know what a soft-play centre is, and have been to every one within a 20-mile radius.

5. Find yourself scraping milk stains off your jeans, thinking, ‘No one’ll notice…’


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6. Walk down the street humming children’s TV theme tunes.

7. Finally get to go shopping alone (bliss!) and still end up in the kids’ department.

8. Have to clear the bath of toys before you can get in it.

9. Rediscover the joys of fish fingers.

10. Wear parkas/anything with a hood (because you can’t push a buggy and hold an umbrella).

- Thursday 5th December 2013

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You find yourself rocking a shopping trolley in the supermarket, without a baby in the seat.

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When ever your in the bathroom your needed so much that you put what your doing on hold yet again

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