5  step summer exercise plan

5 step summer exercise plan

Make the most of sunny days and lighter nights to get yourself in shape by following these exercise plan tips.

Getting started

•Wear supportive, flexible footwear and light, cotton clothes.

•Make sure you warm up gently before any exercise.

•Do what is right for you – DON’T overdo it.


1. The park workout

Short bursts of high intensity exercise are great for time-poor mums, and an outdoor fitness session at the park can offer a useful mix of aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise. Use trees as markers for brisk walking between two points. Do body weight dips at tempo on a bench to work your triceps. To work your shoulders, try five to ten standing press-ups against a wall.


2. Breeze bike rides for women

Cycling can be a wonderful way to exercise and socialise, especially in good weather. The women-friendly project called Breeze is a great outdoor fitness idea, which brings women of all ages together in local areas for guided bike rides, as well as offering advice and tips.

3. Fit fun

If you’re at home with children in the summer, turn this to your advantage and get some aerobic exercise. From indoor obstacle courses to outdoor activities and garden games, check out our ideas to Let the kids keep you fit.

4. Hill sprints


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For serious aerobic exercise, go for an outdoor fitness session- hill sprints are a useful alternative to a 5k run. Run up the hill as fast as you can then jog down slowly. Repeat if you can. This helps to burn fat and give your cardio a significant boost in a short amount of time.


5. Toning exercises for a beach-ready bum and tum

Swimming is fantastic for toning but you can also get some ‘homework’ in by doing a workout routine with squats, lunges, calf raises and bridge lifts on your bedroom floor or even while you’re watching TV. Just make sure you never overstretch.

Check out these inspiring tips on how to love your body and be the Bikini Goddess of your dreams, at the Gillette Venus website.

Savvy tip – get expert ideas to your phone

The NHS Livewell website has some great downloadable videos and instructions for 35- to 45-minute exercises that are suitable for all levels, including beginners.


Pass it on – average recommended weekly exercise routines

•150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise PLUS two muscle-strengthening workouts.

•75 minutes of vigorous exercise PLUS two muscle-strengthening workouts.

For more, see How much exercise is just enough?


IMPORTANT If you have any health concerns, always consult your GP before trying new exercise or diet regimes.

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