Beach-ready body: guys

Beach-ready body: guys

Easy ways to look and feel great when your holiday is just around the corner.

Food and drink
• In the weeks before you go, reign in your eating habits so meals are balanced, varied and lower in fat. Avoid snacking and you’ll have a healthier glow from head to toe.
• Make sure you are drinking enough fluids (the equivalent of six large glasses, about 200ml each, per day). Juice, milk, coffee and tea etc all count, but water is preferable as it comes without sweeteners or caffeine.


Before taking up new exercises, talk to your GP if you have any medical concerns.
• If you don’t have time to get to the gym, build more walking or even cycling into your commute to work.
• Swimming is great for all round toning.
•If you choose outdoor sports, don’t forget to protect your skin and lips (see below).


• If you choose any easy close headshave, make sure you use sunblock on your scalp and wear a hat when you’re not swimming.
• Body hair. Before using sun screen or block, make sure your skin is clean. A facial scrub treatment will help you get a closer shave, and body scrubs help when you’re trying to get rid of in-growing hairs wherever you have them.


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• Heat, water and the sun will take their toll so use a hydrating skin moisturiser, with sun protection.
• Any tan you get from sunbeds or natural sun is actually a sign of skin damage, so sunless tan is your best option if you want the look. Exfoliate first to get a smoother tan coverage.
• Don’t forget that fake (or sunless) tan is NOT an effective sunscreen so you need to use your usual sun protection whilst in the sun (SPF 15-50, UVA and UVB protective, water resistant).
• Use lip protection too.

Savvy tip

Look after your eyes and avoid sun-wearied wrinkles by investing in good, UV blocking sunglasses.

Pass it on

Get some sleep! Preparing to go away often means longer hours at work but a good night’s sleep improves your looks and can help with weight loss if you’re sticking to healthy, balanced diet.

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Cut back on alcohol and have one or two no-meat, no-cheese days a week, guys. You'll be amazed how much weight you lose and how much better this is for your body.

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Thanks to Always Discreet I can jump on the trampo

Thanks to Always Discreet I can jump on the trampo


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try Always Discreet. I feel more comfortable now and even my family and friends have been able to talk openly about this. I can now play with my boys on the trampoline without worrying now, it's all the simple things I couldnt/wouldn't do before but now I can. Thank you x


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