Beach-ready body: women

Beach-ready body: women

Holidays should be relaxing so try these doable tips to feel confident about how you look without stressful prep.

Eating and drinking
• Weed out all those bad habits from your daily eating regime and concentrate on a varied, balanced, lower fat diet.
• Fluids reduce the likelihood of water retention and flush out toxins more effectively. For adults, about six large glasses (200ml) of fluid a day is a good gauge. Ideally drink water when you can.


Before taking up new exercises, talk to your GP if you have any medical concerns.
• Cycling (even at the gym) is great for toning legs.
• Swimming helps give you an energy boost and will be great for toning arms.


• If you want a tanned look, fake (or sunless) tan is the best option.
• For a gentle tanned look, use a daily moisturiser with light tanning properties for a few weeks before your holiday.
• Fake tan does NOT offer enough protection so use a sun screen or block too – SPF 15-50, water resistant, offering UVA and UVB protection.


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• Gentle waves, a loose plait or the casual updo are all great looks, but if your hair is short or braided your scalp will be more exposed to the sun, so wear a hat.
• Now salt spray is used in salons to give the curly look, don’t be afraid of beach hair!
• Clean and condition after sun, heat, swimming pool chlorine and other factors have taken their toll.
• UV rays can damage colour-treated hair so use a special conditioner.

Savvy tip
Make sure you have an SPF15 lip cover too.

Pass it on
– beachwear
• Straight up and down: a bikini with side ties on the hips will give you a more shape.
• Pear-shape: go for a halterneck top and bikini bottoms that don’t have extra features on the hip.
• Rounded: try a one-piece costume with ruching around the middle to create shape.
• Big on top: try an underwired support or choose something where you can alter the straps to banish drooping.

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There are nice two-piece swimsuits now which are not skimpy bikinis. They come up the waist and down the thigh a little and look very attractive. These might suit some figures better than the itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini!

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Thanks to Always Discreet I can jump on the trampo

Thanks to Always Discreet I can jump on the trampo


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try Always Discreet. I feel more comfortable now and even my family and friends have been able to talk openly about this. I can now play with my boys on the trampoline without worrying now, it's all the simple things I couldnt/wouldn't do before but now I can. Thank you x


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