Best-odds family diet

Best-odds family diet

Tips and ideas for ensuring your family is eating a healthily balanced array of foods through the week.

Getting started
Eating well doesn’t have to be about weight loss. A varied and lower-fat diet will offer natural health benefits and along with regular exercise, make you all feel great!

Tips to try
You won’t want to encourage negative body-consciousness, so use words like ‘energy’, ‘sport’ and ‘fitness’ around your children instead of talking about weight and appearance.

Different coloured fruit and veg offer different nutrients so keep your meals colourful and don’t just stick with carrots all week! The same goes for any meat, fish or vegetarian alternatives in your diet.

Cover all bases. Your body needs different proteins and carbs so make sure you tick off your family’s five-a-day fruit and veg, include some milk and dairy (especially lower fat dairy), plenty of starchy foods like pasta, potatoes, rice and bread, and some meat and fish or other sources of non-dairy protein (like beans, pulses etc).

Treats in moderation. No one food is ‘unhealthy’ per se, but there are some snacks and treats that our bodies shouldn’t have very much of. If you cover the bases above, you’ll be full enough not to gorge on an excess of salty, fatty or sugary treats.


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Opportunity. Keep a bowl of fruit handy on the table so it’s the easiest snack to grab. And when you’re out and about, keep healthier snacks and drinks with you so you can all refuel when you need to.

Cook well. Think about how you prepare your dishes and try to find lower fat alternativeswhere you can. Find out more by reading Health family meals.

Savvy tip
Even with smaller portions, younger children don’t need to stick to the same regime as adults do, but gradually, from two to five years, their needs do start to mirror ours in terms of covering all the essential food groups.

Pass it on – be a good food role model
Find out how your own habits affect what your children do, and how you can all have a positive food attitude.

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