Fitness at home to fit around your busy life

Keep in shape with exercises to do at home

Getting exercise when you don’t have the time or money to get to a gym.

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Current advice suggests we should all get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, in bursts of at least ten minutes at a time. Break that down across five or seven days and it all sounds a lot more doable, doesn’t it?

IMPORTANT – if you have any medical concerns, consult your doctor before starting any new fitness routines, and don’t overwork yourself, especially when you are exercising without supervision.

Out and about
If you can get out, the sun and fresh air will also do you good. For great ideas read Getting fit without joining a club. Here are some useful suggestions for a way to get fit when you can’t get out of the house:

The days of the fitness video have come back in style since the recession and more people have returned to fitness at home. Try picking one up in a charity shop first to see if this kind of routine suits you.


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Signing up to a home fitness regime that suits you via the internet gives you a chance to pick one that offers graduated levels of ability. If it’s one you have to pay for, be sure you are happy that the site is secure and authentic before parting with financial details.

Keep fit games

Systems like Wii Fit can be a brilliant way to go at your own pace with exercises to do at home. BUT take the exercise warnings seriously – don’t exercise for excessive periods and where possible, wear good trainers that will support your feet and body rather than doing workouts in bare feet, as this can cause short and long term problems for your feet and legs.

Savvy tip

Walking more often instead of using the bus or car can make a simple yet huge difference. If you want to start getting more exercise by walking more regularly, why not ask mums you know if they fancy a 30-minute walk once or twice each week after school drop-off?

Pass it on – tips for keeping fit

Check out these useful strategies for sticking to your aims when you want to get fit - Reach your goal: exercise.

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