Mood food: eat yourself into a good mood

Mood food: eat yourself into a good mood

Find out how certain foods can actually have an impact on our mood, as well as tasting unbelievably good!

Pineapple: a fresh kick
Pineapple is a great healthy snack bursting with vitamin C. The citrus fruit also boosts the production of the hormone serotonin and lifts the spirits.
TRY improvising your own vitamin fruit shake with fresh pineapple, or one of these Non-alcoholic cocktail recipes.

Chili: some like it hot
The capsaicin contained in chili (which creates a sharp sensation on the tongue) can be a good mood enhancer as it boosts the release of endorphins which creates what is sometimes known as the pepper-high effect.
TRY this Chili con carne recipe.

Raspberries: pure mood food
These little berries ensure that the protein building block tryptophan finds its way directly into the brain – great for lifting your mood! That happens even more quickly if the fruit is eaten in combination with yoghurt.
TRY adding raspberries to your breakfast porridge or this easy Creamy berries recipe.


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Coriander and Parsley: seasoning for happiness
These herbs contain apiol. This essential oil stimulates, combats depression and lifts your mood (though pregnant women should only consume small amounts of parsley as apiol can stimulate the uterine muscles).
TRY adding these mood enhancing herbs to our Winter power soups recipes.

Chocolate: the classic
It really is true, chocolate is a mood boosting food! The reason: the sugar, fat and cocoa boost the formation of the happiness hormone serotonin in the brain. So enjoy!
TRY this super-easy Chewy chocolate drops recipe for all ages to make.

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Dark chocolate is great for lifting a bad mood!

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Marmite on toast - the perfect comfort food at any time

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