Find the perfect jeans and jumpers for your body shape

Find the perfect jeans and jumpers for your body shape

Flatter your figure with our style guide and find out what works best for you

As we all know, a well-fitting pair of jeans and a flattering top are things we’ll live in day, day out, so it’s worth doing your homework before shopping for these essentials.

Find the perfect jeans

The most wonderful thing about jeans is their versatility. But there is a lot to consider before taking the plunge. Picking the right shape is particularly important for online clothes shopping. Here are some savvy pointers to consider:

• If you have a wide bottom… avoid bright shades, choose a plain colour.

• If you have wide hips... avoid skinny fits and choose a straight leg instead. Pockets should sit over your bottom. Choose a high or normal waist. Baggy designs will shorten your legs and make you look wider.

• If you have a flat bottom... slanted pockets and A-line fits suit you best. Skinnies are your best friend and low-cuts will make your behind look plumper and give the impression of ample hips. Stay away from baggy cuts which will make your bottom disappear. If you have thin thighs, bright jeans with make the most of what you’ve got.

• If you have a fuller bottom... choose dark jeans and straight legs with a high waist. Skinnies will make your bottom look even bigger. If you want to flatter your appearance, go for long pockets.

• If you have a pear-shaped bottom... go for a fit that lifts your buttocks, with high pockets and a normal or slightly higher waist (look for latino brands of jeans). If you have thin legs you can get away with skinny jeans. If you have wide thighs or short legs you should opt for a straight leg. Avoid baggy styles.

• If you have a round or muscular bottom... you’re lucky, most jeans will fit, even baggy cuts!

• Pockets... Large pockets draw attention to your bottom. Back pockets slanted inwards towards each other can give your bottom a boost.

• Waist fits... High waisted trousers can also give your bottom a boost and lengthen how your legs look. V-shape waistbands lift your buttocks and A-line ones broaden them. A low waist will make your bottom look wider and shorten the legs.


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• Colours... Bleached and bright jean washes will make you look bigger. A dark wash helps bottom, thighs and hips appear smaller.

Tip: Wash your jeans at a lower temperature helps preserve their fit (as well as helping the environment and your energy bills). Read mums’ tips on how to get rid of even stubborn, dried in stains at as low as 15 degrees using Ariel with Actilift.

Find the perfect jumper

Now you’ve got the jeans sorted, make sure the top does your body justice too.

• If you’re thin and average height... the best options are sweaters with ruffles, because they give the sensation of volume. To boost your chest, wear round-necked jumpers or styles with collars, breast pockets or prints.

• If you’re tall and thin... enjoy the luxury of wearing long sweaters, which will look especially stunning with leggings and boots. All types of collars will look good.

• If you have a short neck, large bust... avoid tall collars.

• If you’re short and wide... ideally you should look for smooth and thinly knitted jumpers. You don’t have to shy away from wearing your favourite colours and patterns, provided they are not too large, but do avoid chunky horizontal stripes. Avoid wearing overlong jumpers as they will leave only a little leg showing. Choose V-necks because they are ideal for elongating the neck and slimming the top half of the body. These are preferable if you have a larger bust, too.

• If you have wide hips... choose a style of sweater with details on the shoulders, as this will give you width on top and distract from your hips.

More fashion tips

When you find an outfit you love it’s important to keep it looking good no matter how many times it goes through the wash. Check out our brilliant tips to keep your clothes bright. And don’t miss our nine secrets to party glam.

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