Reach your goal: Diet

Reach your goal: Diet

Useful tips on getting a healthier diet you can stick to.

Whether your goal is weight loss or just improved wellbeing, try these ideas to create a diet that works and will stay with you for life.

1. Have a clear goal
Think about why you want to improve your diet. If it’s to lose weight, what’s your ideal target for a month and six months?

2. Keep a diary
Noting what you eat and drink really does make a difference if you want to overhaul your habits.

3. Have a plan
List five tactics you think will help you most. For example:

  • eating meals from a smaller plate
  • no eating the kids’ leftovers
  • cutting out that coffee on the way to work
  • no snacks after your evening meal
  • no takeaways
  • not eating in front of the TV
  • eating more slowly: your body takes 15 minutes to feel full!

4. A positive food attitude
Don’t focus on what you’re missing, think about all the new things you’re going to try instead. Turn finding out about the value of food into a project – gather quirky facts and tips on cooking in healthier ways.


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5. Don’t banish treats
Don’t forbid treat foods but do limit them to a healthier level. For example, if you love chocolate allocate a treat time, then go to the shop to buy one small bar rather than having a multipack of them tempting you at home.

6. Keep healthier snacks handy
Stave off cravings by snacking on easy to prepare, nutritious things that will keep you going until mealtime. Check out our Quick super snacks suggestions.

7. Flavour not quantity
Adding flavours with herbs, chillies and spices can give you a more satisfying meal so you are less tempted to over-eat.

Savvy tip
Check out our steps to Getting the confidence to reach your goals.

Pass it on – Drink water!
People often snack when they are actually just thirsty. Water doesn’t have the calories, caffeine or sugary additives of some other drinks.

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Cut out meat one day a week. Not only is this healthier than meat every day, it will force you to get creative with recipes. Meat production uses an incredible amount of fossil fuel and water, so a vegetarian day is much easier on the planet too - and probably easier on your pocket.

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There are many good mobile phone apps which make it easier to keep track of what you are eating...I find this easier than the diary.

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I recommend that while shopping, don't just pick up spinach or seeds thinking you will eat it sometime because it is healthy. Plan your meal for the evening to use the spinach or breakfast next day to include the seeds. If you actually visualise cooking with the food and have a recipe in mind to use right away, the healthy food will not get left at the back of the fridge or press.

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Thank you for such great tips - concise, achievable and no stupid diets! Will certainly print it out and stick it on my kitchen wall to give me incentive

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thanks for all the helpful tips - it's so hard trying to lose weight at this time of the year, when it's cold, and it's so easy to overeat so your advice is very welcome. My goal is 1 stone by Easter - three pounds so far, but once the snow and ice has gone I can get out for a run more often which should help!

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