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Wellbeing Life Hacks for busy mums

From star jumps before bed to keeping healthy snack pots in the fridge… Here are some of our top health and wellbeing life hacks.

At Supersavvyme we’re always looking for the little tips, shortcuts and inspirations you use every day to make life easier and save us a bit of time – after all getting back even five minutes during the day is a bonus!

Recently one of the UK’s top health & wellbeing bloggers – Faya Nilsson from Fitness on Toast gave us a couple of her top tips and the amazing BritMums community have shared some of their life hacks.

We picked some of our favourites to share with you.

Tips from Faya Nilsson from Fitness on Toast

Exercise on the go! Bodybuilders are renowned to clench their butt cheeks around the clock in order to really activate the gluteus muscles. It's a great way to strengthen, and make for a perkier derriere!

Consistency is key - schedule in your training and plan your healthy eating with the same structured application you would with work. That way, you'll make healthy the default, and simply be on auto pilot!

Top tips from BritMums Bloggers

Make exercise family time - bike ride, swimming, cycling are all good ways of having fun in the fresh air together.

If you can't find time to exercise use your home for quick interval training - alternate running up and down the stairs and press ups 2 minutes each for 10 minutes a day.

Even if you can't fit exercise into your day, give yourself 5 minutes before bed. Do sit ups, star jumps, whatever takes your fancy!

Download free relaxation apps on your phone and they are there to use when you have a spare 10 minutes anywhere.


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Use natural remedies instead of shop bought medicines if and when possible.

For example onion and honey syrup will help with cold and cough.   

Keeping healthy snack options prepared in the fridge stops us all just reaching into the biscuit tin.

Getting 'Me' Time!

Start the day with warm lemon honey water, very easy yet great to start a day.

Hand cream is just as effective as specialist foot cream and cheaper too.

Keep slices of banana in the freezer to make quick & healthy ice cold smoothies

We’d love to hear your top tips – share with us in the comment section below or on Twitter @SuperSavvyMeUK

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