Britain’s Bad Teeth. Our brushing Habits Revealed!

Britain’s bad teeth – our brushing habits revealed!

Not brushing teeth twice a day, only visiting the dentist once a year and using the wrong brushing technique are just some of the bad habits we Brits have when it comes to our teeth. Find out how your oral hygiene scrubs up in our latest survey…

New research conducted by Oral-B has uncovered Britain’s bad brushing habits, so brace yourself and prepare to hear the Seven Deadly Sins…

1. We lack good technique: Despite increased oral care education, less
than 25% of us are cleaning our teeth correctly. This shows how important continued oral hygiene education is from a young age as it seems the old bad teeth brushing habits we were taught as children are hard to break.

2. We skip teeth cleaning: Almost 1 in 3 of us don’t clean our
teeth twice a day (yikes!) despite the dentist recommendations. We should all brush once in the morning – to remove any plaque that may have built up overnight – and once in the evening – to remove any harmful acids that may attack teeth overnight.

3. We rush when brushing teeth: While experts recommend brushing for at
least two minutes every day, the average Brit cleans their teeth for 30 seconds less than that (20% brush for 1 minute or less). These 2 minutes a day can make all the difference to the overall health of our teeth.

4. We’re shy of our dentists: Regular dental visits are essential for dental care, healthy teeth and gums yet 41% of Brits delay visiting the dentist well beyond the recommended 6 months. We wouldn’t miss a hair appointment so we shouldn’t forget about our teeth.

5. Less than half of us brush correctly: Less than 50% of Brits have been shown how to brush their teeth correctly, which probably explains why only 25% of people in Britain use the correct brushing technique for their preferred toothbrush. Not sure if you’re brushing correctly? Ask your dentist to show you.

6. Only half of us care: 53% of Brits think having good teeth is very important to them. That’s nearly half who need reminding about the importance of a gorgeous smile!

7. A third of us have 6 teeth fillings or more: 14% of Brits have no fillings but shockingly 30% of Brits having 6 fillings or more! This is a direct result of our continued bad brushing habits.


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