Clean water and the gift of health

Clean drinking water and the gift of health

Thousands of families are experiencing life with clean water for the first time ever, thanks to the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water charity programme. In the developing world, this simple treatment for water purification is transforming the lives of mothers like Christina, who is living with HIV/AIDS whilst caring for and raising her four children. Now, through P&G’s partnership with Asda here in the UK, you can be part of this exciting campaign.

A big change in a small sachet of water treatment powder
Over one billion people in the world still live in places where the only water sources they have to drink are contaminated. This puts lives at a far greater risk of serious illness and even death.

The good news is that a new innovation in water purification is easy and quick to use. In a few seconds, just one small sachet of this treatment can turn 10 litres of dirty water into drinking water; something that is safe enough to drink and use in food preparation. These sachets of powder can be used by families in their own homes, quickly and easily.

Christina’s story
When P&G visited Tanzania in East Africa to see how the water purifying programme was working for real people, they met Christina Manese, a mum of four.

Christina is part of the Jipe Moyo “Keep Hope” HIV/AIDS support charity in Mererani Town, in a region that has highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the country. She herself has been living with HIV/AIDS for six years in a town where the only sources water have until now been a shallow bore hole or streams which were highly polluted by animal waste and agricultural run-off.


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Water pollution spreads waterborne diseases. These can cause serious problems for any healthy person, and for someone with HIV/AIDS, who has a weakened immune system and struggles to fight off illness, it can be life-threatening. Christina and those like her would suffer painful stomach illnesses, often so severe that they needed hospital treatment they could barely afford.

Now Christina and more than 200 others in her small rural community are using the water purification sachets. “We thank you so much for giving us these sachets,” says Christina. “Now I feel good because my family does not suffer from stomach problems and my children are doing so well.”

Donate to the P&G Clean Water charity programme now
P&G has delivered the six billionth litre of clean drinking water as part of its Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) commitment to save one life every hour by the year 2020. To date, clean drinking water provided by P&G has saved an estimated 32,000 lives and prevented 250 million days of diarrheal illnesses across 71 countries. And you can help us too. When you click here P&G will donate one day’s clean drinking water on your behalf. You can help us reach our goal of SAVING ONE LIFE EVERY HOUR BY 2020.

Keep on giving
Look out for P&G home and beauty products in your local Asda. Every stickered item bought in Asda stores or at raises one sachet of water treatment powder, enough for 10 litres of clean drinking water for someone who desperately needs it.*
*see Terms and conditions.

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