From compliments to confidence

Most women have one or two things they’d like to change, given a magic wand or a handy plastic surgeon.

But the trick to feeling confident and happy is not to dwell on the negative, but make the most of the positive. It may seem a bit simplistic but it works. So what if you don’t like your thighs, or your bum or the way your big toe sticks out from the rest? 92% of British women feel exactly the same way.

That’s why we teamed up with the lovely Dawn O’Porter  for her top tips on how to feel confident.

Decide on your best asset
Giving yourself a compliment isn’t always easy. So ask a friend or two… or even five. You may be pleasantly surprised. It could be your smile, your walk, or the way you’re always ready to listen on the phone.

Write them down on a card and put it in a drawer. Add a few of your own when you’re in the mood.  Research shows when you write things down you’re more inclined to believe them. Also, when weeks, or even months, from now you discover your card, it will be a lovely reminder of just how great you are.

Don’t be too busy for you
Busy mums find one thing harder than all the rest, and that’s finding me-time. Like a long soak in the bath or reading that book you’ve been meaning to get round to. If it’s impossible to find an hour to yourself, divide it up into two half hours.  Early in the morning is good, or after the kids have gone to bed. And, here’s the secret, tell the rest of the family about it. You could even hang up a sign. You may be surprised to learn they respect your ‘Me Time’ more than you do!

Get a friend to help you play dress up
The average woman wears about 10% of her wardrobe. It’s a fact. So ask a friend to help you seek out those items of clothing that are worth rescuing. That fabulous red/blue/black dress you bought for a special occasion, but has languished on a hanger, deserves to be worn now. As for the poncho you bought on holiday, maybe a visit to the Charity Shop would make room in your wardrobe for something better.

Ask a friend
The secret of all these hints, you may have noticed, is letting other people – friends and family – know that you need a confidence boost.
Once you ask for help it’s amazing how happy people are to step up. Also, they often see things you can’t. They’ll know you look great in that dress, or that your laugh lights up a room. So, go for it. What have you got to lose?


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