Get flossy with it!

Get flossy with it!

It’s the one thing dentists tell us over and over but why is it so important to love your floss?

Oral b satin floss


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It’s a task no one seems to relish. Let’s face it; flossing teeth is fiddly and time consuming, with no immediate benefits. Right? Wrong. Whilst, it is a bit of a chore, flossing regularly is an important way to remove left over debris from your teeth that toothbrushes can’t reach, as well as keeping the overall health of your teeth in check. Using floss will also stop the build-up of dark stains in between your teeth as it removes the plaque on teeth that stains cling on to. Brighter, happier teeth - it really is a no brainer!

So now you’ve been convinced on the merits of flossing, here are some top tips for how to floss:

• Floss before bed – you are most at risk from bacteria overnight as the saliva flow slows down. Also, flossing teeth before you sleep will ensure you remove the day’s food deposits which bacteria feed off overnight.
• Make sure you know how to floss properly; cover each side of the tooth, working the floss down and up both sides of the tooth, all the way to the gum line.
• Use Oral-B Satin Floss, RRP £2.10 - it is mint scented to leave you feeling extra fresh after flossing.

• Push the floss into the gum as this can cause damage or gum problems.
• Be deterred if you experience bleeding gums the first time, as this is just the initial food and bacteria being removed. After a few days, if persistent bleeding occurs, this could be an early warning sign that you have gum problems. Don't panic! Just see your dentist ASAP. It may simply mean that you need a hygienist visit or a clean by the dentist.

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This is the best floss as it doesn't shred and combined with Oral B sensitive mouthwash really helps my mouth but I am finding the 300 ml bottle harder to find.

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This is my favourite one, I have never had problems by using it.

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I never used to floss my teeth as I never really seen the point I used to think I brush my teeth properly so I didn't need to floss. Well I was wrong. My partner bought this oral b floss and told me to just give it ago. Reluctantly I did and I was gobsmacked at the results. I now floss my teeth everyday and after trying a few different floss I have always gone back to oral b as I believe this to be the better one.

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