getting your kids into bed

The brilliant bedroom approach to getting your kids into bed (A to M)

Getting your kids into bed is a whole lot easier when they already want to be there. So here’s our A to Zzzzz of good ideas for happy bedroom hangouts.

A is for Apricot
Not all boys like blue – and not all girls like pink. Let your son or daughter pick the colour for his or her bedroom. Take a trip to the DIY shop, look at colour charts together and have your child’s chosen shade mixed up. The kids will love it.

B is for Boat
If you’re handy with the MDF, try making a prow for the front of your child’s bed (see Google images for inspiration). Red, white and blue bedding will add to the nautical theme.

C is for Camouflage
Everything from bedding to wallpaper is now available in camouflage print of many colours. Try an army surplus shop (or eBay) for a giant scramble net and improvise a one-of-a-kind canopy.

D is for Drama
Try adding red velvet curtains to a simple four poster frame – voila! Instant performance space and puppet theatre.

E is for Elevate
Invest in a platform bed to free up storage space.

F is for Fairy lights
Light up your child’s room with flowers, stars, footballs, butterflies, hearts or chili peppers. The transition from overhead bulb to fairy lights is a useful part of any wind-down routine.

G is for Glow
For around a fiver, you can transform a ceiling with hundreds of glow-in-the-dark star, moon and crescent stickers.


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H is for Hotel
Older girls in particular might like the idea of sleeping in a boutique hotel bedroom. Search the websites of some well-known names for inspiration.

I is for Imagination
Planning to decorate your teenager’s bedroom? Encourage them to make a ‘mood board’ using colour charts and images torn from magazines, and then agree a plan.

J is for Jungle
If the idea of painting a full-on frieze makes you want to holler like Tarzan, go for more of a jungle lodge theme. Sandy colored walls and animal print bedding, rugs and cushions work well together.

K is for Knights
There’s no end to castle themed beds and bedroom furniture (all cute turrets and neatly painted creepers), but for a less twee twist, try painting the walls to look like large grey stone blocks and add some velvet curtains.

L is for Lava lamps
Kids love the hypnotic effect of lava lamps which can be great for inducing sleepiness.

M is for Maps
Cover the walls with maps and let your child attach a special sticker every time they visit another city or country. Buy postcards whenever you travel and add these too, to create a room full of happy memories.

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I'm really inspired by these kids' bedroom interior design ideas - but the suggestion of a scramble net is unsuitable for infants and small children - think strangle hazard...

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