Working out together

Working out together

Keeping fit is fine – exercising with the person you love is even better! Forget the stresses of the daily grind and spend quality time together.

When work and chores so often get in the way,  keeping fit with your partner offers a valuable chance to do something positive together, and enjoy the great feeling of working out. Read on for some useful ideas, and check out more ways to exercise and be sociable with our article Getting fit without joining a gym.

GOOD FOR All the muscles in your body. As an endurance sport, running exercises the cardiovascular system. If you manage 30-45 minutes of running a week, you will find your calf muscles, your thighs and hamstrings nicely toned! Biceps and abdominal and chest muscles all benefit too, because running also involves the upper body.
AS A COUPLE If your other half is addicted to running, ask him to run the first ten minutes with you and then let him take off at his own pace. If, however, you are both beginners, run together progressively. Start with sessions of 15 minutes or so, and build up over the following weeks.
WHERE TO RUN In the woods or the parks around town. What's important is to be able to relax when working out and allow the daily tensions to dissipate.
ADDED BONUS Running together allows you the chance to challenge and motivate each other. Plus you can help each other with the stretching afterwards! For thigh stretching, one of you lies down with one leg bent on the ground, the other leg stretched out in the air. The other person pushes on the leg in the air.


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Roller skating
GOOD FOR The buttock muscles and for shaping the leg muscles. By pushing on your legs, your muscles are all called into action, but so are all your joints. This is a good way of staving off rheumatism.
AS A COUPLE If this is the first time either of you has put on skates you’ll learn together. Start by choosing straight lines or reserved areas. With your partner behind, his hands on your hips, you will learn and gain confidence together. Once you have that bit of confidence, then you can start longer trips, hand in hand.
WHERE TO SKATE Find out if a park near you has a dedicated skate lane or area. Eventually you feel confident enough to skate anywhere anytime!
ADDED BONUS Spins and laughter!

Indoor sports
GOOD FOR Everything! Classes can be an excellent way of discovering a new discipline or of performing movements and exercises that you would never do on your own.
AS A COUPLE Choose a course that suits you both or just pedal, row or 'run' on all the exercise machines at your disposal. Even if your objectives are not the same, the advantage of an indoor fitness centre is that the services on offer can be tailored to each person’s exercise schedule.
ADDED BONUS Many clubs provide a child-minding service so your child gets to have fun while you work out together.

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