how to help sore gums

Gum Facts Revealed by Dr Uchenna

Do you know healthy gums when you see them?

tips for healthy teethOral-B Smile Director, Dr. Uchenna Okoye, exposes what is gum health fiction, and shares gum facts to help you look after your gums and create the foundation for healthy teeth and a great smile.

White teeth mean you have a healthy smile.

FICTION! Dr Uchenna explains: Whilst whiter teeth can help make you look up to 5 years younger, to keep your smile truly beautiful you need to ensure you keep your gums healthy. This means you need to use toothpaste that looks after your gums whilst also ensuring the rest of your teeth are cared for as well. That’s why I love Oral-B Pro-Expert Premium Gum Protection toothpaste - I view it as a premium product that looks after the foundation for a healthy smile. It takes care of your gums but also gives you outstanding whitening results.

Healthy gums should be pink.

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FACT! Dr Uchenna explains: Healthy gums should be pink and stippled (with fatty dimples) and don’t bleed when you brush and floss. Red swollen gums are not a good sign. So, if you experience sore gums like this I’d advise booking in with your dentist for a checkup. Once the bigger problem has been solved, you can maintain healthy gums at home with the right brushing technique and gum protection toothpaste.

Top teeth tip: Make sure the bristles of the tooth brush clean under the gums where they connect with the teeth to keep the bacteria out.

Gum disease only affects a small percentage of people.

FICTION! Dr Uchenna explains: ‘It is estimated that half the adult population has some degree of gum problems and most people experience it at least once, almost most people don’t know this. It is the major cause of tooth loss in adults but can be slowed down to a rate that should allow you to keep most of your teeth for life.

Smokers are more likely to suffer from gum problems than non-smokers.

FACT! Dr Uchenna explains: Unfortunately tobacco can affect the cells in your mouth that help fight gum problems, which means that the bacteria win. Smoking can also suppress the signs of gum problems, for example bleeding gums, so it can appear that there is nothing to treat even when gums are not healthy. Everyone needs to have good dental hygiene, but it is especially important for smokers.

During pregnancy your gums are more susceptible to problems.

FACT! Dr Uchenna explains: Between 50%-70% of women will develop gum problems sometime during their pregnancy. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make your gums more vulnerable to plaque. Visit your dentist more often than you would normally so they can monitor the situation.

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Thanks. I was going to a dentist every six months, and I would say to this man, "My gums bleed when I brush my teeth." He would say, "Mmm, gonna get you to floss between your teeth." Eventually I changed dentist; the new lady took one look at my gums and sent me to a periodontist who told me I had inherited a tendency to gum disease and needed to take serious steps if I wanted to keep my nice healthy teeth.

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Does the menopause effect the gums? I seem to have developed gum sensitivity and bleeding since starting my perimenopause. Are they linked?

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My gums seem to have become very sensitive after teeth whitening and then the dentist clean! I do use Oral B pro expert, yet get burning sensation every time I eat anything spicy now? Dentist says it is age causing receding gums suddenly?

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