How to get a good night sleep

How to make sure your teen’s getting enough sleep

Is your teen always complaining they’re tired – even if they’ve slept until midday (again)? Here’s how to help them get quality sleep so they’re ready to face the day.

From finding it hard to concentrate in class to being moodier (than usual!) to craving calorific snacks, a lack of quality sleep can affect your teenager in a variety of negative ways.

It’s important, then, to do what you can to help encourage them to get enough rest. And while they might rebel at first, they’ll soon see how much better they get on at school and at home after a good night’s sleep.

Enforce a bedtime

Just like they had a bedtime when they were younger, they shouldn’t be allowed to stay up as late as they want just because they’re a teenager now. After all, if it were up to them, they’d be up gone midnight, which would make their 7am start really difficult and the mornings a nightmare.

Decide on a time that works for the age of your teen and ensures they get a minimum of eight hours’ sleep, then help them to stick to it with the next steps...

Impose a tech ban an hour before bed

Making your teen’s room a tech-free zone is your best bet. Not only does using their phone, tablet or computer over-stimulate their brain before bed, but you also need to be able to supervise internet use or ensure internet safety, and you can’t do this if they’re locked away in their room.

TV and video games are also a bad idea before trying to sleep, so make the rule that they have to switch off at least an hour before bed.

Instead, a nice warm bath, getting into their PJs, a hot (de-caff) drink and a few chapters of their book in bed will help their body wind down and signal to their brain that it’s nearing bed time.


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Make their room a sleep sanctuary

Teens can have, erm, interesting taste in decor. And, while it’s important to let them express themselves, their bedroom should be a comfortable and mellow space where they feel relaxed.

A muted colour on the walls, plus clean, cosy bed covers and a low-level bedside lamp will help to give the room a relaxed vibe. When washing their sheets, use Bold in Lavender and Camomile, so the gentle fragrance will help soothe them to sleep as they snuggle down.

Buy them a diary

If they have something on their mind that’s causing them to lose sleep, encourage them to write down what’s bothering them. Just putting it on paper before bed can help clear the mind, rather than having it buzzing around in their head. If they are continuously struggling to sleep, this could be a sign your child is struggling with anxiety. For more signs and to find out how to help, read our article on How to spot an unhappy child.

Get them up on weekends

Left to their own devices, most teenagers can sleep until noon at the weekend. However, this throws their sleeping patterns completely out of kilter, so come Monday morning their body is in for a rude awakening when the alarm goes off at 7am. Of course we all want a weekend lie-in, but make it no later than 9am. They may not thank you for this one, so soften the blow by waking them up with a cuppa and some breakfast. Food bribery usually works, and this way they can wake up slowly and enjoy the weekend treat of breakfast in bed.

How do you make sure your teen gets enough sleep? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Beaky my daughter uses a small makeup bag to carry hers in as that's what I used to use too.

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Keep a routine, having quality time with then before bed time, reads for 30 mins before bed. No technology in bed.

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Buy making sure no technical items are on

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Warm drink at least half an hour before bed time relaxed house hold also seems to help

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