How to protect your family from air pollution

How to protect your family from air pollution

Air pollution is bringing about an adverse effect on the global environment and on our health. Carbon dioxide, which is one of the causes of global warming, is one of these contaminants and this condition is becoming more severe with each passing day. In thinking about the health of our families and the future of our planet, it is important to cease polluting the air any further and to learn how we can protect ourselves.

Step 1: Wear a mask

Masks are largely divided into two types. The surgical mask that was originally developed for medical use is the most common, but because its purpose is to protect patients from the saliva and germs that come out of a doctor’s mouth, it is not meant to protect the wearer from what is inhaled. To prevent breathing in particulate contaminants such as viruses and dust, masks that fit well and conform to the face such as protective masks and dust masks are recommended. To use a mask, tightly adhere it to your face so that there are no gaps near the nose, cheeks, or chin. Because with even the slightest gap, particulate contaminants can get in, make sure to properly cover from the nose to the lower jaw.


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Step 2: Make a habit of gargling

"Gargling" cleanses the throat and the inside of the mouth with a liquid such as water. There are various different names for this practice depending on the country, but making it a habit is effective in protecting yourself from things such as air-borne virus infections and in the prevention of colds. The removal of contaminants that have been breathed in can also be counted on from gargling. It is recommended that gargling is made into a habit just like washing one's hands after coming home. Keep a liquid that is easy to acquire at home such as clean water, lukewarm water, or salt water in your mouth, turn your face upward (raising your chin), fill your throat with the liquid, and rinse out the throat for about 15 seconds. After you've finished rinsing, please make sure to spit the liquid out. Repeat this two to three times. Take precautionary measures in your daily life to protect your family from air pollution which is being viewed as a problem throughout the world. Use masks to prevent the inhalation of contaminants as much as possible and gargle to eliminate those contaminants that you have inhaled and to maintain cleanliness. Practicing these household habits is more important than anything else.

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