How to stay healthy for spring

Look after yourself now and improve your chances of staying healthy to make the most of lighter days and better weather

IMPORTANT: If you feel unwell and have health concerns, talk to a pharmacist or your GP before taking any medication.

Spring health

Many people think hayfever is a summer problem, but pollen can start affecting sufferers as early as March/April.

  • Talk to your pharmacist about the right anti-histamine for you (some are better taken in advance of the worst symptoms).
  • Wear wraparound sunglasses when you’re out, and regularly splash your face with water to wash away allergens.
  • Avoid other irritants like cigarette smoke.

Spring colds

Getting caught out by temperature changes can leave you vulnerable to colds and other health concerns associated with chilly weather.

  • Rest and medication to relieve the symptoms are advisable, because there is no one cure to stop a cold once it’s taken hold.
  • Avoid getting run down by making sure you’re getting enough sleep, wash your hands after using public transport, and throw away disposable hankies when you blow your nose.
  • If someone in your household has a cold, keep virus hotspots clean – especially bathroom taps, fridge doors and TV remote controls.

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Fifth disease

Known as ‘slapped cheek’ because a common symptom is very red cheeks, Fifth Disease tends to occur during spring, mainly in 3- to 15-year-olds. It can initially appear as a lacey red rash on the body.

  • Typical symptoms are a headache, high temperature and itchy skin.
  • Children usually suffer mildly, as they would with a cold, but it is advisable to confirm symptoms with your GP to ensure your sick child doesn’t have a more serious condition.
  • Contact with fifth disease can be a worry for pregnant women, people with certain blood disorders and those with a weakened immune system. In any of these instances, seek medical advice immediately.

Savvy tip
Start using sunscreen on brighter days, and if you are taking up more outdoor fitness after the winter, check your kit (especially supportive footwear) is still up to the job.

Pass it on – healthy family tips
Check out our tips and useful links for advice on 5 golden rules for a healthy family.

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