The brilliant bedroom approach to getting your kids into bed (N to Zzzz)

The brilliant bedroom approach to getting your kids into bed (N to Zzzz)

Getting your kids into bed is a whole lot easier when they already want to be there. So here’s our A to Zzzzz of good ideas for happy bedroom hangouts.

N is for Neat 
Nobody wants to be putting everything away when they’re tired. Invest in a big tub and encourage your kids to put all their rubbish and playthings in that before going to bed. They can sort out and put away in the morning.

O is for ‘Oh hurry up and get into bed…’
There isn’t an answer for everything and you’re only human…

P is for Princess
Make a regal bed canopy using a hula hoop and some cheap muslin. Add bows, beads and ribbons, fabric flowers or little butterflies to prettify.

Q is for Queen
See ‘P for Princess’ above.

R is for Racing car
Car beds look great, so have a go at making your own from MDF. Just work around the existing bedframe. Simple shapes and bright colours will press all the right (Jenson) buttons.

S is for Space
Add a constellation projector to the birthday or Christmas list. Around £30 buys endless nights among the stars.


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T is for Train
Please refer to B for Boat or R for Racing car; the principle is the same and a quick Internet search will set you off on the right track.

U is for Unique
From cushions to bedding to wall art, just about everything that goes into the bedroom can now be personalised. Why not buy one unique item with your son or daughter’s name or picture on for every birthday - and make it a new family tradition?

V is for Vinyl
Wipe-clean vinyl chalkboard panels are a brilliant idea for kids’ bedrooms, allowing them to keep on creating. They come in sheets and squares of many colours and look great on a feature wall.

W is for wall Stickers
Giant wall stickers or ‘decals’ allow you to quickly transform a child’s bedroom into a pirate ship, zoo or fairy castle. You won’t come unstuck when they grow out of treasure/tigers/tutus, as they’re really easy to peel off.

X is for XXL
If your son or daughter is lucky enough to have a big bedroom, invest in a tent or teepee for indoor camping – very cool for sleepovers.

Y is for Yellow
According to Feng Shui, cheerful, vibrant yellow wakes up any room like the rising sun. It might even get your teenager up for school. Or not…

Z is for Zzzzzz

See A to M

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