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Making the move to a new job

Career advice to help you make the most of yourself and find a job that you want.

1. Map out what you want from your new career

• What is your salary aim for your new job?
• Do you want to work full- or part-time?
• Do you have childcare needs or need to work around school hours 

2. Reaching for something better

• What do you like about what you do now that you could use in a new career?
• What don’t you enjoy? Are these things you could avoid in a new job?
• What skills (work or hobby) could you use in what you do next?

3. Knowing what you’ve got to offer

• Now you’ve listed your skills, think about how you can improve them.
• Talk to friends and ask them to be honest, what do they think would be a reasonable challenge for you, careerwise?
• Research what kinds of demands your ideal new career will need.

4. Confidence boosting experience


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• Volunteering is a good start. Even a local charity project can help develop new skills.
• Research what work experience will help you specifically in the career you want to do and approach a related company about getting an intern placement.
• If an internship isn’t an option find local evening courses to gain relevant experience and skills.

5. Make your move!

• Use all the free career advice you can; try the ‘jobs and training’ pages of your local council’s website.
• Keep your CV short and to the point – your covering letter or application form is where you show you’re the perfect choice for that specific job.
• In the interview confidence flows if you’re well prepared – research the job and the company beforehand.

Savvy tip

Make a great start in your new job – dry-run the journey to work in advance, get a good night’s sleep and check out Morning confidence boosts.

See what a little root to tip confidence can do for your day with head & shoulders.

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I finally feel comfortable thanks to Always Discre

I finally feel comfortable thanks to Always Discre


I really enjoyed taking part and trying out Always Discreet. I love that I can finally feel comfortable running around with my children or even going to the gym. 10/10 from me and my friends as it's left us not just with security but we also feel finally confident, so top marks from us!


by Ambassador

Thanks to Always Discreet I can jump on the trampo

Thanks to Always Discreet I can jump on the trampo


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try Always Discreet. I feel more comfortable now and even my family and friends have been able to talk openly about this. I can now play with my boys on the trampoline without worrying now, it's all the simple things I couldnt/wouldn't do before but now I can. Thank you x


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